7 Apps That Will Make You Feel Like a Power Exec


As any savvy iPhone or Android owner knows, your smartphone can do more than just text or call. And if you’re using your smartphone to conduct business, the possibilities are nearly limitless.

So limitless, in fact, that it begs the question: who needs an executive secretary anymore? You can turn your iPhone into a personal assistant. There are many apps out there that can do so. Here are our favorites.

Your Smartphone, Your Personal Assistant

1) Google Now

Any conversation has to start with Google Now, an app marketed by the company as an “intelligent personal assistant.” The app, available for Android and iOS, allows you to keep track of the weather, traffic, meetings, and much more. It’s guaranteed to make your day significantly easier.

2) DropBox

If you aren’t yet using DropBox, you should start. The app allows you to share files on the Cloud through all of your devices, as well as with other users. This means no more devastation because a presentation or contract is saved on the wrong device. A free version gives you 5GB of space. You can get much more with reasonably priced paid solutions.

3) SignNow

The leader of the many digital signature apps, SignNow (available for all systems) lets you sign word and PDF documents from your phone, camera, and even DropBox. You can either sign with your finger or use a saved signature. You can then easily mail your doc to whoever needs it.

4) Apple Pay

Introduced late last year, Apple Pay allows you to make payments and transfer money easily with nothing but a phone and your fingerprint. This means no more complicated transaction or multiple business credit cards.

5) Passbook

If you’re traveling a lot, this app (standard on iOS devices) will become your bestie. It saves all your tickets in one spot, allowing you to access anything from boarding passes to bus tickets with a simple click. It also integrates seamlessly with Apple Pay.

6) 24me

For the Android users among us, 24me offers great integration with your calendar. Automatically generated reminders help you remember anything from paying bills to important meetings. The share option also helps you set up social events with friends and family.

7) Speaktoit

Last but certainly not least, an actual virtual personal assistant that remembers all your preferences and learns quickly! Available for all devices and in all languages, Speaktoit allows you to set meetings, search for restaurants, make reservations, and everything else an actual assistant would.

A Smartphone Can Power Your Productivity

Any and all of these apps can be great when turning your smartphone into a personal assistant—and they’ll certainly boost your productivity. Contact us for more information on the latest developments in consumer electronics.



Justin Finkelstein

Co-Founder & CTO at Sourcely; server swiss army knife; flavor architect; the wildcard.