6 Awesome Hacks for Your Old Smartphone


In just a few short years, smartphones have gone from the new sci-fi technology to commonplace communication devices. According to OnBile there were over 420 million smartphones worldwide at the end of the year 2011. That number has only increased with demand.

If you’re upgrading to a new device you might wonder what to do with the old one. But before you just toss your phone in the trash, check out these awesome hacks.

#6: Use It as a GPS

Making phone calls and sending texts is a small part of what smartphones are capable of, as any long-time user knows. Even if you have an old smartphone that doesn’t have cellular service anymore, you can still download an app like NavFree USA (more on this app right here) to help get you where you’re going when you’re behind the wheel. Your phone can download the latest maps and provide great navigation that won’t put a strain on your new device.

#5: Turn It into a Dedicated Gaming Platform

Cellphone games have come a long way since Snake. Smartphone games are a huge market, and chances are you’ve got at least one or two games on your smartphone. By shutting off the cellular option on the phone and wiping your personal information, you can load it up with games for commutes, lunch breaks, standing in line, or just to keeping the little ones quiet while you’re out to dinner with friends.

#4: Turn It into a Security Camera

People tend to seriously underestimate the power that even a slightly dated smartphone has. While wireless security cameras might seem new and exotic, your old smartphone can do the same job with the right software. Download a program like Presence (more on the app right here), and you can turn your old phone into new peace of mind.

#3: Create a Wi-Fi Phone

For some people there’s no need to even have a phone as long as they have wi-fi access. An old smartphone is a prime candidate for experimentation if you like the idea of having a Google phone. Worst-case scenario: you save minutes on your current calling plan.

#2: Make It Your Alarm Clock

It’s annoying that every text and email notification beeps you out of sleep. But what are you going to do when your smartphone is also your alarm clock?

Well, if you have an old smartphone, you can make it your dedicated clock. Put your new phone somewhere else on silent where it won’t bother you.

#1: Sell or Recycle It

If you really don’t have a use for your old phone, then there’s a term you should be aware of: recommerce.

Recommerce simply means taking a used item you no longer need and finding a new spot in the market for it.  Trade your old phone in or recycle it so the parts and components are re-used rather than ending up in a landfill.

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Justin Finkelstein

Co-Founder & CTO at Sourcely; server swiss army knife; flavor architect; the wildcard.