5 Signs Your Recommerce Strategy Isn’t Working


Recommerce, in theory, is a wonderful concept. By offering buyback opportunities for customers looking to get rid of old smartphones, you take advantage of a market opportunity while also engaging in environmental responsibility. Meanwhile, selling those devices allows you to enter emerging markets at little cost.

But recommerce doesn’t work on its own. It requires a well thought-out strategy, and consistent effort in order to benefit your business. If it isn’t working out as planned, look for these 5 signs that suggest your recommerce strategy isn’t working.


5 Big Warning Signs

1) Customers Aren’t Coming

If the customers simply aren’t coming to trade in their devices, you may have an issue with your marketing strategy. As a recommerce merchant, you offer the unique opportunity for customers to get value out of devices they would otherwise throw away. If you communicate that fact well to customers who are looking to upgrade their device, they will come.

2) Bad Reviews

It pays to monitor online reviews of your company and service via social media. But if you get a lot of bad comments, what do you do? Most likely, those comments are due to bad service received. Because recommerce is not a wide-spread concept, your employees may not be trained well enough to answer questions that the customers have or to make the process of trading in a smartphone as easy as possible.

3) Inventory Keeps Growing

Your marketing strategy and customer service may be humming along. But if you don’t have an effective system of selling those devices, that’s actually a problem. Your inventory will just keep growing as you hand out rebates without actually getting anything in return. One half of recommerce is reselling used devices or their parts, so be sure you have an effective strategy in place to take advantage of markets that may be looking for those devices.

4) Trouble with the Law

The worst thing you could do is sell stolen devices, as that will get you in trouble with the authorities. So when you buy back phones from your customers, make sure that they are legitimate by systematically tracking the purchased phones via their IMEI or ESN numbers. If you have a system in place for making sure you’re not buying stolen goods, you’re much less likely to get in trouble with the law.

5) Trouble Getting Started

A recommerce strategy is difficult to get started. Once you’re an established recommerce merchant with valid buyback and sales strategies, customers will come in droves. But beginning to engage in recommerce can be difficult, which is where we come in. Contact us to let us help you get your recommerce efforts off to a great start!