5 Must-Have Health and Fitness Apps

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There may be more fitness apps available for Android, iOS and Microsoft devices than fish in the sea. Living a healthy life is (or should be) important to everyone, and especially once the holidays are over, millions of people will begin to worry about losing weight.

Choosing the right app can be essential to that process, so we’ve selected the 5 best health and fitness apps.

The Hottest Apps for the Hottest Devices

1) Apple’s Health

Too obvious? Maybe. But Apple’s new Health App, already installed on every iOS 8 device, is certainly worthy of mention. It automatically calculates your running and walking steps and distance, along with how many flights of stairs you have climbed. It functions as a database for body measurements, workouts and nutrition. It can even analyze your sleep patterns and store your medical ID for emergencies. In short, it’s a health and fitness app that’s about as close to all-encompassing as possible. Unfortunately, it’s only available on Apple devices.

2) Fitbit

Whether you own the company’s smartwatch or just have the app installed, Fitbit can help you get healthy. An easy dashboard allows you to log your diet and workouts, helping you keep track of your progress.

3) Calorie Counter

MyFitnessPal’s calorie counter is a less elaborate, more extensive version of Fitbit. It claims to have the largest food database on iOS, finding even obscure foods and their exact nutrients. If what you ate doesn’t exist, the app’s incredibly simple way to add it to the database adds to its appeal.

4) Carrot Fit

Need some extra motivation when working out? Carrot Fit is happy to oblige with an army-like, sadistic virtual personal trainer yelling at you to complete your goal. If you have a sense of humor and aren’t afraid to laugh at yourself, it’s a great motivator.

5) Zombies, Run!

And if you still don’t have enough motivation to work out, we have the ultimate solution! Wouldn’t you try to run during the zombie apocalypse? This app happily gets you going by creating a story to go with your workout, virtually sending zombies to chase after you while tracking your progress.

Unfortunately, most of these apps have one thing in common: they only run on newer devices. Anticipate a rush of trade-ins following the New Year with an innovative buyback program and you’ll profit from your clients’ desire to get fit with the hottest apps. Contact us for more information on how you can institute an innovative buyback business today.



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