5 Hot Ways to Increase Organic Search Returns for Cell Phone Repair


Used correctly, organic search engine optimization is among the most powerful digital marketing tools. No less than 93 percent of all internet experiences start with a search engine, meaning sites like Google or Bing are the first sites the vast majority of us navigate to when we surf the web.

But how do you make sure you’re using it correctly? Here are five tips to help you increase your organic search returns.

Go Organic and Watch Your Business Grow

1) Find the Right Keywords

First, it’s important to understand your audience and just what they’re looking for when they could be finding you. What keywords and phrases do they type into Google or Bing when they’re looking to trade in their phones? How about if they’re looking for a cell phone repair shop? Multiple keyword grading tools are available throughout the internet, but perhaps the best and most reliable is within Google AdWords. You can use these tools to estimate just how many people are searching for specific phrases, and develop your target keywords based on that.

2) Develop a Content Strategy

Once you know what keywords are important, begin developing a content strategy around these keywords. Here, it’s important to know just what type of content your audience is looking for when they search for the keyword, and deliver exactly that. Users looking for a lawn care service will expect to find just that, but may also be interested in tips on how to care for your lawn and when in the year you should start. Developing content specifically around – and optimized for – the best keywords is the single most important part of search engine optimization.

3) Start Building Links

Once the content is on your website, it’s time to let people know about it. Link building, the process of getting people to link to your site, is important both to get the word out and to convince Google your pages are relevant to the keyword. Simply speaking, the more other websites link to your page, the more of an authority you will be in Google’s eyes. Using your social media channels and email lists is a great way to get the word out and encourage your audience to share the links.

4) Track Your Efforts

Of course, none of your efforts matter if you don’t know how successful they are. That’s why it’s important to track your efforts, making sure that your website continues to be optimized for the right keywords and gradually improves in rankings. Again, several free and paid solutions are available for tracking your efforts.

5) Stay Ethical

Finally, SEO done right also includes not breaking any ethical or legal rules. Unlike some other digital marketing tools, even borderline-unethical SEO can significantly harm your efforts. Search engines like Google continuously update their algorithm to penalize practices like cloaking (hiding your keywords), keyword-stuffing (overemphasizing them in your text) and link buying (the “easier” way to build links). Once Google finds out you’re doing something to cheat the system, they’ll punish your website and its ranking severely. It simply doesn’t pay to go down that route.

Following these five tips can ensure that people find you when they look for help on search engines. Contact us to learn more about using digital marketing tools to improve your business!


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