4 Ways to Troubleshoot the Galaxy S6

phonevirusGalaxy S6 repairs got you down? We’ve got tips on some of the more common problems you’ll run into.


Problem: Home button is not working.

Solutions: Check that the home button flex cable is attached to the logic board. If that doesn’t solve it, then the Home button flex cable is probably damaged.


Problem: No audio is coming from the headphone jack.

Solutions: Make sure the audio jack/ear speaker is connected to logic board and the flex cable is not ripped or somehow damaged. If that doesn’t fix it, then inspect the audio jack for moisture damage.


Problem: Wi-Fi signal is weak or not working.

Solutions: Check that the Wi-Fi antenna is properly connected to the logic board. If that doesn’t solve the problem, the inspect the Wi-Fi antenna for damage, and then check around the Wi-Fi antenna PCB for damage.


Problem: The front (or rear) camera has a stuck shutter.

Solutions: Check the front-facing camera flex cable for damage. If that looks fine, then inspect the flex cable connections on top of the logic board for damage, before finally checking to see if the rear camera flex cable has disconnected from the logic board.

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