4 Reasons Smartphone Repair Is Hot Right Now (and How You Can Profit From It)

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It’s never been a better time to be in the cellphone repair industry. Why? We’ve got 4 reasons.

1. The industry itself has reached a state of dependable maturity, and it continues to grow at an acceptable rate of 4.9 percent.

2. Cellphone repair stores have generated an impressive $518.8 million in wages alone, and this number will continue to grow.

3. The number of mobile Internet connections is increasing. This means more smartphones. And more smartphones means a steady stream of new customers for your business.

But the most exciting development of all? Number 4: The buyback revolution. Buyback, or recommerce, has never been hotter. And device repair stores are perfectly poised to profit from this burgeoning industry. Surveys reveal that customers prefer trading in their devices to brick-and-mortar stores. You can take advantage of this preference by expanding your line of services to include device buyback.

But are you doing everything you can to capture that business?

It might be all fine and good that cellphone repair remains a robust industry. But if you’re not doing everything you can to ensure customers come to your store and not the competition, the industry trend won’t do you any good.

Staying ahead of the curve means knowing what your customers want. In phone repair, this can change on a monthly basis.

Inventory management is one of the keys to increased sales. It literally pays to stay informed about the latest technology. New products drive sales. Designer cases, kickstands, high amp chargers, car cables, designer headphones–these accessories and more your customers expect your store to stock. The more variety your store offers, the greater your chances of making the sale. Because most people who bring their phone in for repair buy an accessory.

Which brings us to another important topic.

The other key to staying ahead of the competition is superior repair service. Customers trust brick-and-mortar stores over online—keep that trust by ensuring repairs are completed within an acceptable timeframe. If you advertise repairs within 24 hours, then do everything possible to meet that deadline.

If circumstances are such that you happen to miss it, then make up for it by offering the customer a free accessory or a deep discount on the service. Remember: In the Internet age, customers can voice their complaints. A few bad reviews on Yelp or Google can lose your store thousands of dollars in business.

Speaking of reviews, make sure your repair store has a robust Internet presence. Your customers will likely use a mobile device to discover your services, and you’ll want to make a good impression. If your website screams “2002,” then potential customers will question your ability to carry out repairs on the latest mobile technology.

With the best devices continuing to carry a hefty price tag, most consumers will opt to repair rather than buy new when something goes wrong. This can mean a steady stream of business. There truly never has been a better time to be in phone repair—but you’ve got to know how to take advantage of the latest trends if you’re to reap the biggest profits. Contact us today to find out how.

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