3 Ways to Repair Your Content Marketing Strategy

socialmediaContent marketing for cell phone repair business can be challenging, especially due to the competition among keywords in this industry.

But with as many as two-thirds of the American population owing smartphones, and 19 percent of them using and relying on their cell phones for Internet searching, you don’t want to slack off on building engaging content for your website.

3 Ways Your Website Can Offer the Best Content

Here are 3 ways to make sure your website is providing the best content to your unique audience.

  1. Be Mobile-Responsive. A cell phone repair company’s website should be mobile responsive, especially since you’re trying to reach an audience using (and breaking) their cell phones. And since Google’s recent update to their algorithm rewards sites that are optimized for mobile searches, now’s a good time to make sure your website is responsive to smartphones and tablets. In addition, while your website structure should be responsive and scalable, note that your content should also follow suit: readers on your mobile site would rather see less text, so provide scannable or short content suitable for mobile users.


  1. Understand and segment your audience. It’s important to get the right information to the right people, so always write content meant for your visitors. To do this, you’ll first have to spend time researching who visits your site: are they business men and women from local tech hubs who are in the market for repairing their smartphones for work? Or, are you located near universities, where your prime market includes students cracking their screens? Do you repair iPhones, Android, or both? By knowing who your audience is, you can then effectively target them based on their needs and interests. For example, your iPhone clients will not want newsletters on new Androids or Android repair specials, and vice versa. Making an effort to segment your audiences will pay off by generating real interaction.


  1. Be simple and clear. Overall, the best content is easy-to-read and follow. Even when your writing includes technical material, you want to generate content that does not alienate other parts of your audience, especially new visitors who are still researching their options. Instead, provide thoughtful and engaging materials that your audience can follow. They will be more inclined to share clear, useful material with others that way.

Your small business could see better results online with these three ways to improve your site. For more advice on building a successful web presence, contact us.





Matthew Roldan

Matthew is the Co-Founder & Chief Customer Officer at Sourcely. He has owned and operated several small businesses and has helped 1000's of SMB's find success online while working as a consultant for GoDaddy.com.