3 Ways the Internet of Things Will Change Your Life

Time For A Change

The Internet of Things (IoT) is not just for computing and smart devices anymore. This innovative concept will transform cities, environmental monitoring, transportation efficiency, manufacturing, home automation and security, emergency services, and medical care.

The increasing complexity of IoT environments will necessitate regular upgrades in smartphone and tablet/phablet technology. This, of course, means more opportunity for buyback programs. It’s important therefore to keep abreast of the latest developments in this field.

Get Ready for a Whole New Way of Doing Business

How exactly will IoT technology transform our everyday lives?

Home Automation and Home Security

IoT adopters can increasingly automate routine weekly and daily tasks by installing sensors and controllers to monitor and adjust lighting, heating, air conditioning, ventilation, appliances, entertainment and communication devices and systems. They can monitor home conditions while away from home, remotely view a video feed from security cameras, and even shut off water in case of a sudden plumbing leak. New businesses will arise to create apps that interface with baskets full of incompatible remote controls, and sophisticated predictive algorithms will learn habitual patterns and construct simple action commands based on end wishes. For example: “Order a large Margherita pizza from my favorite place downtown,” will activate a chain of responses from an IoT enabled home.

Environmental Efficiency

With the IoT data coming from different locations in the home, IoT users can pinpoint problem areas and optimize heating, cooling and ventilation in summer and winter, and even position solar water heaters for their residence or swimming pool or find the best location for their solar energy panels or noisy wind power generators, thereby increasing comfort and reducing their utility bills.

Transportation Efficiency

Monitoring traffic flow and demand in real-time with sensors throughout the transportation grid will increase convenience and decrease downtime for passenger vehicles. Autolib, the French electric car sharing company, launched its hot new service in Indianapolis, Indiana in December 2014. Autolib in Paris, France had implemented IoT for their fleet of 2,300 electric vehicles, 4,300 charging stations, 72 registration stations, and 850 rental kiosks. Using IoT with back-end management software optimized their fleet utilization, thereby reducing urban congestion, air pollution, and noise pollution. By also maintaining each driver’s personal settings throughout every driving occasion, Autolib, Paris is expected to reduce the number of private cars by 25,000 and Parisian drivers’ transportation costs by an estimated 90% by 2023.

Benefit From Future Change Today

How much will the Internet of Things effect the recommerce business in 2015 as early adopters purchase new equipment and retrofit existing homes, vehicles, and businesses? The change stands to be tremendous—as will the influx of new devices to manage these IoT enabled spaces. All the more reason to keep on top of the latest tech trends. Contact us to find out more about how you can benefit from an effective recommerce program.

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