3 Things We Learned from CES 2015


We just finished the first month of 2015, and already we’ve seen some major consumer electronics developments. This is in large part due to the Consumer Electronics Show (CES), which was held in Las Vegas just a few days after the new year began. Consumer electronics manufacturers from around the world gathered to present new products and ideas to the hungry public and thousands of journalists.

What did we learn from CES 2015?

1) Apple Is Still King

The one major company missing from CES was Apple, yet it still dominated the discussion. Seemingly every new product was instantly compared to its Apple counterpart, while reports of the Apple Watch and the new Macbook Air conveniently hit in the middle of the conference. In hindsight, Apple’s absence seems more strategic than ever, reminding consumers of its influence in the consumer electronics market.

2) Beware New Market Forces

When it comes to smartphones, Apple and its major competitor Google may have some major competition in 2015. Companies such SaygusEnergizer and even the luxurious carmaker Lamborghini all presented new smartphones to rave reviews, offering unique features that the major market forces can’t yet approach. Time will tell if any of these phones can make an impact in the market, but their development will be fascinating to track.

3) Smartphones for Emerging Markets

Speaking of smartphones: it looks like manufacturers are starting to catch on to the enormous potential of emerging markets such as Brazil and China. Internet powerhouse Firefox presented two smartphones based on its popular browser, which are cost-effective enough to make sense for markets outside the large western economies.

What does all of this mean for recommerce?

First, any small business owner interested in the concept should keep track of consumer electronics trends in order to be aware of which new products may offer recommerce opportunities. The new Firefox phone especially is worth watching.

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Justin Finkelstein

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