3 Reasons to be Excited About the Apple Watch


It’s impossible to browse consumer electronics websites like CNET these days and not come across an article about the Apple Watch.

As usual, when a new and exciting product like this is about to hit the shelves, expert opinions are split on whether the Apple Watch will flop or become the next big, industry-changing consumer electronic. We tend toward the latter opinion for these 3 reasons:

1) Apple’s New Endeavor

The Apple Watch is the company’s first entry into a new product category since the iPad. Before that, it was the iPhone and before that, we saw the iPod. The clear trend: when Apple enters the room, its product immediately becomes the new industry standard. It’s not far-fetched to believe that the same will happen with the Apple Watch, which enters a market of wearables that has yet to see a clear leader.

2) Incredible Convenience

The Apple Watch could change that, mostly because it’s essentially a one-stop shop for all your wearable needs. Most devices on the market right now either focus on fitness, music, or another single component. Apple’s new product, of course, will do it all. In addition, it will act as a remote for your Apple TV, help you control your iPhone 5 or higher, and even act as a payment gateway for Apple Pay. It’s a fitness monitor, music player, remote control and digital wallet, all wrapped into one.

3) Did We Mention Fitness?

If that wasn’t exciting enough, consider the Apple Watch’s capabilities when it comes to monitoring your fitness. This, of course, will be crucial for the device’s success, as many of the current market leaders—like the FitBit–have built their entire concept around functionality in this area. But according to reports, the Watch delivers: it can monitor anything from your heart rate and calories burned to your time spent standing and walking. Reports will be sent to Apple’s internal Health app, but external apps will also be supported.

Are you as excited about the Apple Watch as we are? And how do you think wearables will affect buyback market? Contact us for answers!



Justin Finkelstein

Co-Founder & CTO at Sourcely; server swiss army knife; flavor architect; the wildcard.