3 Must-Have Apple Watch Accessories

Apple Watch Starts Selling Worldwide - First Smartwatch From App

The cat is out of the bag: Apple officially released its new Apple Watch. Reviews have been mixed, with some questioning the lack of new features compared to watches from its competitors. But if the Watch is like most Apple products, it will attract a great number of customers from brand association alone. 

Of course, buying the Apple Watch is not enough. Any consumer electronic now comes with several wireless accessories that significantly enhance user experience.

But here are 3 accessories we especially like for the Apple Watch:

1) The Calypso Moment

Calypso’s Moment doubles as a resting place for your Watch and a charging station. Faux leather ensures eye-pleasing design, while the included charging option adds functionality to the equation.

2) Actionproof’s Bumper

What will you use your Apple Watch for? If you plan on using it to track your exercises, you may want to think about protecting it properly. After all, the device is expensive enough to put a significant dent in your wallet if it would break. The Bumper prevents that from happening, acting much like a traditional smart phone case.

3) The NomadPod

Battery life is undoubtedly the bane of any owner of wireless consumer electronics. Fortunately, accessories like the NomadPod help you minimize that problem, as the portable charger comes with enough juice to power your Watch to full power up to four times before needing to be charged itself.

So there you have it! Just in time for the release of the Apple Watch, several wireless accessories have already hit the market. If you’re in the market for an Apple Watch, they’re worth checking out.

But even if you’re in the consumer electronics industry, you may want to think about carrying some of these in your store for customers looking to enhance their smartwatch. Contact us for more news and trends about wireless accessories and the consumer electronics industry!



Matthew Roldan

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