What’s the Future of Global Smartphone Use? Compass Intelligence Has the Stats

Business graph - growth to skyWe believe an informed client is an empowered client. That’s why we’ve partnered with Compass Intelligence to bring you the latest news on the biggest industry trends.

Today’s topic: the growth of smartphone use. If you’re in the repair business, following the continued growth of mobile devices should be a priority. More mobile devices means more repair business. And more repair business naturally means more profits. (more…)

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Hot Summer iPhone Tips for Your Repair Clients


Like all devices, iPhones must be kept within a certain temperature range to function properly. Temperatures that are too low or high will cause the device to change its operating behavior. For example, if you were to take an iPhone outside on a sub-zero day, you’d notice its battery life was shortened, and that it might even shut off. (more…)

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Ask Sourcely: What Is Phone Flashing?


You’ve heard the word, but what does “flashing” mean exactly?

(And we’re not talking about the kind of “flashing” you might encounter on the subway.)

Flashing a cell phone means reprogramming it to work with a carrier other than its intended provider. This sounds a lot like unlocking, but flashing is actually quite different.

The Pros and Cons of Phone Flashing

How different? About as different as the two main cellular technologies: GSM and CDMA.

Unlocking applies to GSM phones only. The process entails getting a code that “unlocks” the SIM card slot and lets you put in a different provider’s SIM card.

CDMA phones, on the other hand, require flashing. And this means essentially hacking into the phone. This means too that if you wish to go back to the original carrier, it will be difficult, if not impossible. And there’s a good chance too that your phone may lose certain features or respond negatively to certain software updates.

Yet flashing also allows you to reduce your phone bill through a no-contract service. That’s why many customers opt to flash their phones; the benefits far outweigh the risks.

So next time a customer asks you the difference between flashing and unlocking, make sure to list both the benefits and the risks of doing so. You’ll have a happier customer–and a happy customer, as we know, if often a repeat customer.

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Ask Sourcely: How Do I Fix Display Issues on the iPhone 5s?


Fixing display problems on the iPhone 5s can cause headaches. That’s why we’re covering the most common problems customers experience – and the easiest ways to fix them.

Got a Display Problem? We’ve Got a Solution

Read on for common display problems and how you can fix them.

Problem: Phone boots past Apple logo, but then goes into “Nand” error.

Causes and Solutions: 99% of such problems are caused by not disconnecting the battery on the iPhone 5s before removing the screen.

Other possible causes are:

Faulty display assembly or damage to the logic board. Reinstall original display assembly and see if problem still exists.

Can also be caused by faulty or damaged front-facing camera cable.

Problem: Proximity sensor not dimming the screen during a call.

Causes and Solutions: Check that the ambient light sensor gasket and filter are installed.

Check the front-facing camera/accessory flex cable for damage.

Ensure the front-facing camera/accessory flex cable is properly seated.

Remove the screen protector and re-test.

Check to see if the proximity sensor or ambient light sensor has been torn from the cable (the ambient light sensor and proximity sensor work together; if one is not working the other will not work either).

Replace the front-facing camera/accessory flex cable.

Problem: Blocks and/or lines are displayed across the LCD.

Causes and Solutions: This is caused by kinks or bends in the LCD flex cable. Make sure the cable is not bent or damaged.

Re-check that the LCD flex cable is fully seated.

Clean the logic board LCD and digitizer connectors with a fiberglass scratch brush pen.

Problem: After the repair the LCD will not light up.

Causes and Solutions: If you forgot to disconnect the battery and accidentally powered on the iPhone during the repair, the iOS can get stuck thinking the display is powered on. To fix this, just disconnect the battery and then reconnect. The display should return.

Recheck that the LCD flex cable is fully seated.

Inspect for a rip or tear in the LCD flex cable.

Problem: After repair only getting a blue, red or green screen.

Causes and Solutions: Remove the front facing camera cable and retest. If it goes back to normal the front facing camera cable is damaged.

Still got a blue screen?

Remove EMI shield and screws and then reboot.

If the problem goes away, you may have a screw in an incorrect place or you may have overtightened a screw.

Check to see if screws are in the correct order.

If problem persists, disconnect the front camera and reboot.

Didn’t work? Then reseat rear camera connection and reboot.

Did the problem go away? Then replace the front camera flex.

Still got a problem? Then replace rear camera.

If problem still persists, despite checking and replacing everything you can – just replace the phone.

Want to attempt a DFU? (This should be used as a last resort.)

Disconnect the battery and reconnect the battery, DO NOT power on the device.

Hold the home button and connect the USB cable to the phone while holding the home button.

Wait until iTunes detects a device in recovery mode then release the home button.

Problem: After making the repair you’re only getting a blank screen with backlight on.

Causes and Solutions: Disconnect the rear camera and the power flex cables. Lift the black cardboard around the connectors.

Look at the photo to see if any of the LCD filters are missing.

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Two Powerful Tips for Building a Repair-Oriented Marketing Strategy


The best advice for small cellphone repair businesses is to learn as much as possible, because in this world, knowledge is power. Here are two powerful tips that will keep your repair store’s online profile visible to your customers.

Keep Unoriginal Content Below 25% in Blog Posts

If you have a blog, then you may want to quote facts, figures, and statistics. This is perfectly fine, and it’s a great way to improve your credibility, as people naturally tend to trust professional sources. That being said, after Panda, a Google update which all but stopped content scraping, it is vital to remember that all blog posts are now scrutinized by Google. If you are quoting someone else in your blog, then make sure that the quote is no more than 25% of your blog post. If it is more, then Google may label you as a plagiarizer, as a person who practices black hat SEO in other words, and they may penalize your site.

Avoid Excessive Advertising

What about monetizing your blog? There are many businesses who have separate URL’s for their blog and for their main website. Because their blog is on a separate site, they have no qualms about monetizing it to the fullest, filling it with ads. The problem with this approach is that it is not good for SEO, as Google considers websites with too many ads undesirable.

This represents only the beginning of a good content and SEO strategy. Contact us if you would like more small business advice.

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Ask Sourcely: I’ve Got a Bad ESN. How Can I Fix It?


First things first: What’s an ESN? The ESN is a number similar to a car’s vehicle identification number (VIN) in that it uniquely identifies a cellular phone to a cellular network and system. ESNs assist in recovering the phone should it be lost or stolen, and it serves to identify an authorized subscriber to the cellular network and allows cellular carriers to properly bill for calls.

Bad ESNs can happen because of a number of things, including:

  • A client purchased a phone from a carrier on a contract that had a delinquent balance.
  • The client is out of contact, and the carrier places a hold on their account.
  • The phone had been lost or stolen.

This second reason is a bit more complicated. When a phone is reported lost or stolen, the carrier places the phone on a special list. This marks it as having a invalid ESN. It will be unable to be activated on its original carrier, as well as other carriers. Reputable repair stores do not work on such phones.

But things get complicated when a phone is lost or stolen and then recovered — and yet the bad ESN flag remains.

What to do then?

Most phones can be flashed to work with another carrier. (Don’t know how to flash? Then check out our post on it.) So long as the phone is legitimate (that is, not truly lost or stolen), then you can make it functional. The only catch? GSM phones. You’ll have to find a carrier outside your original network to make it work, and even then there’s no real guarantee it will.

Got more questions about the repair trade? Or do you want to boost your repair business? Then contact us today!

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Announcing Our New Partnership with RepairShopr POS


We are happy to announce a new partnership with RepairShopr – the most complete repair shop point of sale available on the market!

RepairShopr offers seamless integration between tickets, CRM, and invoicing. It allows you to integrate your backoffice tools with marketing to drive growth.

With RepairShopr you can :

  • CRM with multiple contacts, notes fields, and more
  • Generate estimates, invoices, and tickets all in the same place
  • Create referral source tracking and reporting
  • Produce summary billing statements
  • Manage and track customer credits
  • Store credit cards for easy billing

And that’s just the beginning. RepairShopr lets you make the most of your repair business. Better customer management through RepairShopr means better customer service. And better customer service means happier customers.

Sourcely + RepairShopr = A Very Good Thing

RepairShopr offers the best repair POS on the market. And that’s why we’ve partnered with them on this integration. You’ll be able to transact cell phone buybacks right from your website.


Getting started is easy. With the RepairShopr integration, your Device Widget will show two options for your customers: Start Repair and Sell Device. Choosing the first takes you to the device check in and the second will go to your new Sourcely landing page.

You can check out all the features here.

We are excited to be joining the RepairShopr community. Our clients will now be able to boost profits like never before with new leads and marketing tools.

So check out the module today — and get ready to turn yesterday’s devices into today’s profits!

Got questions about this exciting development? Contact us today.

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Cellphone Repair Continues to Grow


People seem to find the craziest ways to break their cell phones. Anything from dropping it in the toilet, to dropping it on concrete. There have even been cases of people ruining their cell phones by taking them in the shower. No wonder the cellphone repair industry is growing rapidly, and there seems to be no slowing down in sight.

The Statistics Don’t Lie

Ibis World reports, in its ten-fifteen year forecast, the following predictions:

  • The cellphone repair industry is in the growth stage of its life cycle;
  • The industry will generate a revenue of four billion dollars;
  • Over the 10 years to 2020, the industry’s contribution to the economy is expected to increase 2.3% on average annually;
  • In contrast, GDP is expected to grow 2.5% over the same period;
  • The industry will enjoy annual growth of 1.7%; and
  • Cellphone repair companies will employ 21,758 people.

Ibis World says: “Smartphones currently represent more than two-thirds of all mobile phone sales, and half of all mobile phone users.” With smartphones dominating the mobile market, it’s no wonder why the cellphone repair industry is growing at such a rapid rate. Smartphones are very sensitive and are made with parts that are difficult to gain access to. Only professionals can fix them when something goes wrong.

Don’t Get Left Behind

Smartphones are an amazing thing when working properly, but when something goes wrong with them, they are worthless. As long as people continue to love smartphones, the growth of the repair industry will continue to rise. There’s never been a better time to be a cellphone repair technician.

Want to learn how to take your cellphone repair business to the next level? Then please contact us.

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There’s Never Been a Better Time to Get Into Repair with CellBotics


That’s right. Repair is hot right now. Annual growth over the past five years has been a stellar 4.9 percent. Total wages top over $518.9 million. And profit is a cool $71.6 million.

The best part? There’s never been more customers with mobile devices. Smartphone usage rises 5.0 percent each year. And over the past five years, the number of mobile internet connections has grown an average 36.8% per year.

And we all know how delicate smartphones are. Their fragile LCD screens and touchscreens, inaccessible batteries and other breakable parts means they must be taken to a trained technician for repair.

Want to be that technician?


Train with Only the Best

If you want to get in on this lucrative industry, you’re going to have to train with the best.

And the best means CellBotics. This innovative smartphone repair training company prides itself on offering the best repair instruction in the country. At CellBotics, you’ll get:

  • Hands-on experience. You’ll train on the hottest smartphone and tablets brands, from Apple to Samsung to HTC and more. You’ll work on and repair every item in class — not by screen.
  • Training for glass-only replacement and LOCA re-application; you’ll actually get a full day to replace glass on original assemblies on the latest smartphone models.
  • Exposure to the industry’s best professionals. You’ll visit repair businesses, interact with demos with POS system companies, and attend lectures by guest speakers.
  • Contact with the best vendors — national and international. You’ll also be introduced to high-powered brokers for the best manufacturers world wide.
  • Access to superior instructional materials, including a digital packet that contains all the information you’ll ever need to conduct a successful repair business.
  • Instruction in flashing, rooting, jail breaking, unlocking, new-technique soldering and water-damage repair.


CellBotics Truly Covers It All

You’ll be on top of your game after training with CellBotics. Whether you want to open a repair shop or simply hone and augment your skills, CellBotics offers the instruction you need.

You’ll also get the attention you need to succeed. CellBotics courses are small — no more than six students at a time are included in any one class. And if you’re a large company wanting to train many employees, CellBotics can do that too. CellBotics has given training seminars in NJ, GA, and TN, to name only a few locations.


CellBotics Prides Itself on Honesty

There’s no catches when you sign up for a CellBotics course. No long contracts or hidden expenses. And anytime you have a question or concern, you can contact someone 24/7.

So don’t cut corners and try to learn repair online. Do it right and sign up with CellBotics. Their courses are affordable and cutting-edge. You won’t regret taking them – in fact, you’ll be ready to profit from one of the most lucrative industries in the nation. Register today!

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