Will Your Smartphone Repair Business Fail?

Angry Man Showing Broken Smartphone

Most start-ups, in the consumer electronics industry or elsewhere, begin with a product idea. But according to Bob Caspe, CEO of the International Entrepreneurship Center, that’s also why most start-ups fail. In a new article, Caspe argues that sales and marketing, which has to begin with truly understanding your target audience, is often left to be the last thing on the minds of entrepreneurs, though it should be at the heart of any successful start-up. (more…)

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3 Ways to Expand Your Smartphone Repair Business

Man Repairing Cellphone

So you’ve started your own device repair business. Congratulations! Simply by taking that step, you’ve proven brave and entrepreneurial, not afraid to jump into unknown waters to follow your dream. But what’s next? Once you’ve gotten your business up and running, where do you go? We’d love to help you figure out that important next step, so here are 5 tips to expand your small business. (more…)

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Improving Your Device Repair Social Media Presence Through Paid Solutions

Social media on Smartphone

As we’ve discussed in previous blog posts, social media has become a crucial marketing tool for small businesses in all industries – and especially in the phone repair industry. When done right, it’s a cost-effective way to drastically increase the reach of your marketing messages, spreading the word about your services while engaging with current and future customers. (more…)

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The Hottest Social Media Tips to Boost Your Profits

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As most marketers and small business owners know, a social media presence is increasingly crucial to the success of your business.

Yet, especially among small businesses such as device repair stores, too many companies don’t take full advantage of the possibilities offered by digital giants like Facebook and Twitter. They don’t realize that a strategic approach is absolutely crucial to make social media worth the effort–which can then improve their social media presence. (more…)

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How the Moto E Could Shake Up the Android Market



The Latest from Android

While heavyweights Samsung and Apple continue to exchange blows in the battle for smartphone supremacy, a plucky underdog just may steal the show in 2015. Motorola unveiled the new Moto E at the Mobile World Congress this month, and shocked its competitors. Znet even went so far as to call it “the most important Android phone of the year.” Just what has industry experts so excited?

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