Our New Website Is Live!

We’re happy to announce the launch of our new website!

To better accommodate our customers and facilitate their success, we’ve added many new services: a new and improved trade-in platform, local SEO and PPC services, and web design consulting. An IMEI checker is coming soon. We will also be featuring customer success stories on a regular basis to show how our services can boost the profitability of repair stores both small and large.


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How a Blog Can Get Your Smartphone Repair Store More Customers


More businesses are blogging about their products and industry than ever before. Nearly 40 percent of online marketers now use a blog for marketing purposes, while 79 percent of businesses that blog report a positive ROI on their marketing efforts. The reason is simple: a well-run blog can significantly enhance and optimize your web presence. (more…)

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Hairgate, the iPhone 6 and the Canadian Recommerce Market


Have you heard about “Hairgate?” Way back in October, when the iPhone 6 was still new (and causing issues), a number of customers complained about their facial hair getting stuck in the seams of the new device. A gap between the phone’s aluminum body and glass display was apparently causing the issue, prompting users to flock to social media to complain. (more…)

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Ask Sourcely: What Is Recommerce?


This post begins our Ask Sourcely series. Got a question about recommerce, maximizing your business success, attracting new customers, or anything else? Just send it our way.

What is recommerce indeed? At first sight, it looks a lot like a simple misspelling of e-commerce (as in electronic or digital commerce, also known as online shopping). (more…)

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